Monday, January 10, 2011

Left Media Hijacking A National Tragedy & Now Senator Scutari

I watched as the news unfolded over the weekend and was sickened by the attempts of some media outfits to use this tragic event for political purposes despite there not being a single shred of evidence that the killer's motives were incited by any political views.

The victims of the horrendous massacre in Arizona, committed by a madman, seem to be little more than an afterthought while wild theories, conjecture and speculations run abound.  

Today, according to PolitickerNJ, Senator Nicholas Scutari (D) brought up the tragedy during a confirmation hearing.   See story here.  Scutari's attempt, in any way, shape or form, to associate the brutal assassinations that took place in Arizona with the gentlemen, who is the subject of this hearing, is, in my view, very demented.  It is also troubling because Scutari is a lawyer as well as the prosecutor for the City of Linden and as such should know the difference between fact and reckless speculation.  Either he doesn't know the difference, or more likely, he too is jumping on the bandwagon and exploiting a deadly massacre that can only be seen as a political stunt.  Whatever Scutari's reason, it's sick.    

No respect for the dead.  No respect for the injured.


Anonymous said...

That's because even in the face of such a horrible event, it's STILL business as usual for these pols and an opportunity for them to connect a bad event with their political adversaries - at least in the minds of weak willed or uninformed people!

This guy is obviously a certified nutter who did something really horrific. And while I will grant the pols this fact; that it was a shocking and disturbing event; the bottom line is that they never lose their political prospective! They grab the mic or the camera (while prentending that it's to extend their sympathy to the victims), yet the REAL motive for doing so is to get some publicity for themselves and to fling some political mud.

Because, as you know, their motto is "throw whatever is handy and some of it may stick". If they can get some of (or a lot of!) the general public to believe their verbal garbage, how great would that be?

I'm just surprised that the NJ Dems and the Star Ledger haven't yet tried to connect this guy to Christie yet....

Anonymous said...

Free speech and informed citizens are a threat to these politicians so they cling to lies to support their arguments and turn around and try and sell it by whatever shameful means to the people who they are suppose to report with the MSM's help.

D I S G U S T I N G.

NFS said...

Day 4 after the tragedy and they are still out it despite not an ounce of evidence as to what was the root behind the killer's motives. I've never seen anything like this.