Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Ward Councilman Still Calling In; Not Attending Council Meetings

I thought it was a special Resolution tailored for this councilman.  If you cannot do your job, step down First Ward councilman.  After all, you really should have not run in the first place because did you really live in Linden when you ran?

Now we have the mother of a fireman speaking. .... She also speaks to the Municipal Judge.  Why?    I actually don't believe what everyone else believes.  The attorneys, the Judge and Municipal Prosecutor are APPOINTMENTS.  Meaning that none of them should be here for life or even long enough to vest in the pension system IMO

Now we have Roth, speaking who sounds stupid. Hudak can't say a word.  Where is McCarrthy? Don't know.

What a circus.

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