Thursday, December 9, 2010

Judge Found Redevelopment Counsel's Advice "Misleading"

Flicking through the channels last night, I happened on a broadcast of the November 10th Roselle Council meeting. Roselle Council meetings are curious to me for a number of reasons, but it's good to know what's going on in neighboring communities. Neighboring communities should do likewise.

From watching the meeting, it appears Roselle is getting ready to enter into the redevelopment business. A resolution was passed to hire McManimon & Scotland as redevelopment counsel at a cost not to exceed $70,000.

McManimon & Scotland was the Special Redevelopment Counsel in Union a few years back. Daniel McCarthy, who's on Linden's payroll, was the Planning Board attorney. Union was seeking to take private properties by eminent domain. Some property owners fought back and won.

Besides citing conflicts of interest during Planning Board hearings, some of the other findings by the Judge:

  • "The advice offered by the Special Redevelopment Council, in any event, I find was misleading."
  • "The standard in the report relied on by the Board in making their determination, as well as the advice given to the Board by its own Counsel and Township's redevelopment Counsel were inconsistent with the requirements of the LRHL, the holding in Gallenthin
  • "... taken together the with reliance by the Board members on the improper advice of Counsel as to the statutory and constitutional requirements of LRHL."
  • "... I find the neutrality, impartiality and validity of the Board hearing are seriously in question."
See Judge's entire opinion here.

Apparently Roselle is comfortable hiring this law firm despite these scathing findings by the Judge. Where do they find these law firms, or rather, who recommends them? 


NFS said...

Well, I'm trying to post a new post about lawyer's fees and how they tie in with democrats, but I think my site is under attack. I cannot post a new subject so I have to think my site is under attack.

In any event, what kind of lawyers work for $125/hr to $175/hr. in their taxpayer funded suits, and then charge $300/hr. in their private practice. Does this make sense to you?

I just wish, only once, that our government would select a law firm based on knowledge and not politics. Let's hire an apolitical law firm at $300/hr or even $500/hr. I bet the results would be much different than what we see now.

Linden has paid a law firm over a million dollars to try and get a million dollars? Nevermind the lawyers hired, missed IMPORTANT deadlines. We just keep giving them more money. Absurd to say the least.

Makes sense to you?

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm mistaken, but wasn't McManimon & Scotland the firm hired to represent Linden's interests in the Linden City Attorney's wife's case against the City???

They sure get around....

NFS said...

I'm not sure who the City hired to defend the taxpayers in the Kologi case. Whoever it was, it was EASY money. McManimon & Scotland is representing the taxpayers in the Verge lawsuit. DeCotiis is representing the UCIA. Think we'll win?