Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hudak Appointed to Freeholder Board

You really have to laugh. Hudak says nothing about the number one issue on everyone's minds ... out-of-control taxes.  Wonderful. 

See story here:


Anonymous said...

I think what Hudak meant to say what that it is good to get involved with the democrat party, not the community. How many public paychecks does his daddy collect?

NFS said...

When Gene Davis was caught trying to bribe his opponent out of the race, what did Chris Hudak, as the Linden Democratic Municipal Chair, do? Did he demand Davis to step down?

No one cares about the taxpayers. The current system is all about power and how to game the taxpayers IMO.

His dad currently is city attorney for Linden and Roselle as well as bond counsel to the Union County Improvement Authority.

Anonymous said...

Besides being a party hack, what's C.H.'s experience? Any private sector experience?

NFS said...

@Anon 6:46. Do you really think the Union County Dems want anyone with private sector experience to come SPOIL the fun of soaking the taxpayers and making big money off those they claim to represent? Ha Ha Ha. Never going to happen.

NFS said...

I think the two of them were caught using a County vehicle for campaign work too.

They are all the SAME.