Monday, November 29, 2010

Union County Dems Play the Race Card

PolitickerNJ carried a story last week where Union County democrats are circulating a letter and a petition demanding an apology from certain Union County GOP candidates over remarks made by them.

I don't see the remarks as racist at all.  In fact, the remarks are true IMO.  There is no logical reason why Union County residents continue to re-elect the same self-serving freeholders.  Having an all democrat freeholder board is not an example of good government or democracy .

Linden was sucker punched with a 13% tax increase by the County last year.  Linden taxpayers are being bled dry by failed Union County Improvement Authority projects.  Despite this, I'm sure the majority of Linden votes went to the democrat candidates.  Who knows what goes on in the minds of the voters. 

Conservative NJ wrote an opinion piece on this race-baiting "scandal" which can be read here.

Tina Renna and John Bury offer their opinions which can be read here.


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