Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NJ Legislators Should Lead By Example

I was just reviewing the Anti-Bullying bill sponsored by two democrats which seems to have bi-partisan support. Good, great, whatever, but what took so long?

My child was a victim of bullying from her middle school years to high school years. Why? Because she was "too fat" in the eyes of her harassers. Despite my numerous attempts to correct this situation, little was done. I applaud NJ for FINALLY getting on board, although I sense it will be meaningless and it's only being done for good press. Until the law sets strict sentences for those who seek to demean others, it has no teeth.

Usually the targets of bullying are done by people who are so uncomfortable with their own shortcomings, they resort to this behavior. Senator Lesniak called our Governor "hideous" because of his weight. Assemblyman Joe "where does he find the time" Cryan remarked at a rally "How would it feel to have a 350 pound governor?"

Wells it feels pretty damn good. Lesniak's remarks, as well as those from Joe Cryan, Lesniak's sidekick, are childish, demeaning and only add to the cancer that invite mean-spirited persons to carry on their hate agenda.

Governor Christie handled the "fat jokes" graciously. However, Lesniak and Cryan lowered the bar and, in fact, incite prejudices that lead to bullying. Cryan's own son had a baseball bat road rage incident if I'm not mistaken.

BTW, my daughter grew up to be a beautiful girl, almost model material. Way more beautiful than those that accosted her, but she still suffers from those emotional wounds inflicted by people like Lesniak and Cryan who think a person's physical appearance is tantamount to a person's character.

This post is dedicated to my daughter and to all those who have had to endure the shameless remarks from the likes of people like Lesniak and Cryan.

Cream rises to the top baby.

To the Lesniaks and Cryans of the world ... go F yourselves.

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