Sunday, October 10, 2010

NJ State Democratic Chair's Distorted Views

According to an article published by, Assemblyman/NJ State Democratic Chair, John Weisnewski, sad sack of the Democratic party, claims:

"Vas' conviction represents a sad day for the political process because it reinforces a negative stereotype of officeholders, putting them all under suspicion. He said that lack of trust undermines the political system and government."

I don't even know where to begin, but let's first begin by saying it was not a sad day as Weisnewski injects, but a GREAT day for voters and residents of New Jersey when a Joe Vas, or any politician, is convicted of corruption.

Weisneski also said that the "lack of trust undermines the political system and government". Do you want to laugh or cry at his statement? Let's take a look at last years gubernatorial race when it was discovered that the very committee he now chairs was caught making robo calls for Chris Daggett, even though Joe Cryan, who was was the Chair at that time, vehemently denied that claim. It turned out to be true. The actions by your own party and committee, Mr. Weisnewski, undermines the political system. It's not a lack of trust dimwit, it's your own party's actions.

Last week, it was also uncovered that democratic Congressman, John Alder, allegedly is running a spoiler candidate . See here for full story. Another example of undermining the political system by YOUR own party Weisneski.

No wonder lawyers have a bad reputation. The lawyers with political connections inflame them and VALIDATE them sir, Mr. Counselor.

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