Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Freeholders Just Don't Care

John Bury has been offering video tapes taken during this year's County's annual Musicfest on the County Watchers blog as well as NJ.com NJ's Voices.

He filmed a few days without incident. However, suddenly on Sunday he was told that filming was not allowed. That is a lie. Video taping in public parks is permitted and he broke no laws.

The County cop who was directed to shut Bury down cited no law or authority either. I would guess that's because there are none. The Freeholders cannot make up laws as they go along. I would also guess the cop had no choice but to follow instructions, even if it meant violating a person's civil rights.

It's despicable.

UPDATE: Most of us know the Star Ledger and/or NJ.com is a State-wide liberal joke in its reporting and has and continues to violate the First Amendment. I

Now, you have a NJ.com commentator, John Shabe, commenting on John Bury's NJ. Voices and listing some fugazy list of rules why Shabe couldn't video the Musicfest Event. See here. As a so-called journalist, Shabe should have known the Union County Freeholders were OUT OF LINE and if he wanted to seriously pursue his rights as a journalist, he would have. Instead, he folded like a cheap suit and he admits to as much.

If Shabe were serious about videoing the event, he would have gotten ahold of his balls, slapped them on and done just that. But no, he defends violation of free speech and civil rights on Bury's blog no less.

How long before he is on the County payroll?


Anonymous said...

I've had it. Here in Plainfield, we have the third BLACK candidate running for freeholder. The freeholders discard the black freeholder like a dirty tissue. Is is so painfully clear why they pick who they pick to run on the democrat ticket. And then what? What? Can't I say BLACK? And they think the Tea Party is RACIST?

LOL LOL LOL LOL The democrats are the MOST RACISTS

Anonymous said...

I resent this self indulgent waste of my tax money. And I resent even more the way these people in our county government who are promoting it thumb their noses at people like me who see this huge waste for what is is -- all because they know the vast majority of UC residents are either too distracted by trying to stay afloat financially, just tired of trying to fight the government waste, or don't care enough to voice their opinion on this crap.

NFS said...

The voters of Union County have given the freeholders unlimited access to their tax dollars, year after year. I don't get the appeal to the voters. I see no redeeming qualities in any of the freeholders. In fact, they sicken me.