Friday, August 13, 2010

Part 2 on UCIA Solar Panel Plan

John Bury, writing for NJ Voices on has posted Part 2, "The Pushers" of his series on the Union County Improvement Authority's solar panel plan.  Read it here.

The vacant buildings located on St. George Avenue, which are part of the Morning Star project, are still standing, despite Linden's Mayor claim that they would be demolished by the UICA in July.

Time is money.

Legal fees on Morning Star, according to the spreadsheet posted by Bury, amount to $371,841.64. 

Legal fees for the other UCIA failed project in Linden, South Wood Avenue, consist of $277,761.89 and $400,336.13 for the litigation part of the project.



Anonymous said...

Has the City of Linden/Union County residents been slapped dumb by so many years under the Dems that now they can't even muster the nuggets to stand up to this ridiculous abuse of tax dollars??

These guys are wiping their behinds on your faces, people....

NFS said...

Let's call it what it is ... we've been bitch slapped. Not hard to figure out by who.

The officials hear "free", they wet their pants and can't sign on fast enough. Remarkable, isn't it?