Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Linden Being Sued By Its Own Attorney?

No joke.  I've been told by several sources that our own assistant city attorney John Hudak is suing us overtaxed taxpayers.

I'm told the alleged basis for the lawsuit arises out of remarks made by Councilman Sheehy during a contentious portion of the March council meeting when a resolution to override the Mayor's veto on the reappointment of Hudak was introduced and discussed.  Sheehy has been critical of the amount of attorneys on the City's payroll and what he sees as a lack of accountability.
See minutes of the meeting here if you're so inclined. Sheehy's remarks begin on p. 3.  After reading Sheehy's remarks, I would imagine there's got to be more to the lawsuit than just those comments.

Whatever the case, being sued by your own attorney is disturbing, but not shocking.  After all, Linden was sued by the wife of its head city attorney.  IMO, it's not such a hot idea to have politically active attorneys on staff.  All kinds of weird stuff can happen..

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Anonymous said...

OK, I read the minutes of the meeting.

So what did Sheehy say that was so damaging to Hudak's reputation...?

Sounds like a pattern is emerging here. Get what you can (off the public's dime) while you can still get it....