Thursday, August 19, 2010

14% Tax Hike Voted Down

According to the S.L., Council rejected a budget that includes a 14% tax hike (so much for the tax cap).  Story here

Linden's addictive habit of wasteful spending, nepotism, cronyism and providing overly generous employee salaries and benefits have finally caught up to the real world, which Linden has operated outside of for decades.

We had a nice surplus a few years ago, when taxes were relatively stable.  Instead of holding on to that surplus, Council decided to lower taxes using part of that surplus.  Former councilman Charlie Crane objected to that.  Say what you will about Crane, and I've said plenty, but he was right

Council has missed many opportunities to get rid of bloated salaries.  The Municipal Judge was one.  Now, not only are we stuck paying that bloated salary, taxpayers will be on the hook for a pension for the rest of the Judge's life.

Council could have reduced the law department by one.  With Kologi now retired, the hiring freeze should be enforced.

How many years were wasted in the land grab for the ISP/Dupont's property? Charlotte DeFilippo was quoted in one paper as saying the plans the UCIA had for the ISP/Dupont property was bigger than Dupont.  Really?  Similar to that of South Wood Avenue or Morning Star?

It's pitiful.

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Anonymous said...

Linden and most of NJ has long been used as a private bank for the chosen ones and those connected to them. The number of employees that collect a paycheck from the City of Linden is and has been for years way over the top. Factor in all of the pensions and it will take many decades to get out from under it all.