Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quick Notes From Last Night's Council Meeting

Council got an earful from fed-up, overtaxed taxpayers last night.

Many good points were made by residents who spoke up.  The problem is that many of the fine points made last night have been made for years and never acted upon by council.  

Cost to move skatepark is $50,000.  Too bad Linden didn't receive the $20,000 in actual cash from the outfit that botched the skatepark feasibility study.  That would have come in handy to offset this cost. 

$400,000 for turf at Al Kalla Park.  Amazing that council would even consider more spending when layoffs and furloughs are on the table.  To its credit, council, with the exception of councilman Sadowski and council president Bunk, voted no to the purchae of a new garbage truck. 

Many reserves are being used for this year's budget.  When questioned how next year's budget will be met without these non-reoccurring revenues, councilman Davis replied that he won't be here next year.  Too bad he just won't leave now.

Councilwoman Yamaikitis stated she didn't vote for last year's budget and won't be voting for this year's budget.  Take that for whatever you think it's worth.

Councilman Puschel is becoming a force to be reckoned with.  It was a delight to hear him speak so bluntly.  Councilman Sheehy does the same.  The taxpayers appreciate knowing these men are truly on their side. 

A resolution was passed regarding the Union County Improvement Authority.  It is claimed by the Mayor that the UCIA is going to have solar panels installed on some of our municipal buildings at no cost to the City other than soft costs such as attorney's fees.  I find it hard to believe that there are no other costs associated with this renewable energy initiative.  John Bury, who writes for NJ Voices, questions the plan here.  If the UCIA borrowed $45 million, are we to believe that Linden isn't on the hook for a part of this financial obligation?  I hope we're not getting the wool pulled over our eyes, but somehow I think we probably are.

Linden  is in a dire financial situation and so too are many taxpayers.  Next year could be even worse.  Last year council swore it would work on the budget in a more timely fashion. That didn't happen.  Perhaps Council should consider going back to having two council meetings a month.

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Anonymous said...

Great post. I love reading citizen accounts of council meetings. The understaffed newspapers have been rendered moot- or simply don't care.