Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hudak to Become the New Overseer?

City attorney & overseer, Ed Kologi, has announced his retirement. 

According to The Home News Tribune, Kologi stated: "In all the years we've been here, you measure your performance by the absence of problems." . "It shows we are doing our job and keeping the governing body on the correct path so they don't jeopardize themselves or the city."  By Kologi's own theory, I wonder how Kologi would grade himself with respect to his own wife's case, Dawn Kologi vs. The City of Linden.  That lawsuit cost Linden taxpayers $142,000. 

Kologi makes some other grandiose remarks, which can be read here.

That's one attorney off the payroll and still leaves the City with three.  This vacancy provides an opportunity for the City Council to finally get serious about taking a step towards bringing the City budget until control.


Anonymous said...

Hudak was not rappointed so it would seem that Hudak cannot assume Kologi's duties since he remains in the law department until his replacement is hired.

NFS said...

Point taken. Kologi's retirement creates a vacancy for a well-connected attorney and my guess is that certain members of council will do all in their power to make sure this plum job is available for the "right" candidate. After years of nepotism, cronyism, waste, etc., etc., you think they are going to stop now? Some members of council don't have to even worry about being re-elected. I think we are about to enter into an "anything goes" way of doing business between now and whenever the lame duck session begins. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it.

NFS said...

P.S. Remeber when council gave out bonuss during Gregorio's last month in office? I think they gave out somewhere around $225,000 and even wanted to give out a higher amount. These people are capable of anything.