Monday, July 12, 2010

Are the Lawyers Building the Library Too?

Another obscene fee paid to the darling law firm of the UCIA, DeCoitiis.  What could be so legal challenging to knock down one building and build another on the same site for a legal fee of almost $309,000 (THREE HUNDRED NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS)?  This is just so absurd.  And to think we are getting bargain hourly rates from these poltically connected lawyers. No one in the private sector would pay these fees, nor would private businesses operates in the same manner because it would be a monumental loss in terms of dollars.

BTW, the facade of the library is gaudy.  Very gaudy.  We didn't need it and it doesn't even fit into our community.  Much more could have been done with much less.  Less is more .... remember?

Linden gets ripped off again.  What's new overtaxed taxpayer?


NFS said...

BTW, the library cost an astounding $9 million or more. I swear, our elected officials are on CRACK. This was an unnecessary expense and shows, once more, how the overtaxed taxpayers got fleeced one again. But they, the elected officials, glorify it. Biggest joke and even the somewhat halfwits buy into it. Just a joke for generations to pay for. Disgusting.

Citizenswatch said...

Yes I agree the Library wastes so much space and the childrens section is awful.

Anonymous said...

You would think the new firehouses and library would have come with a solar system for the amount of outrageous money spent to build them.