Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Aiding and Abetting Charges in $22M Ponzi Scheme Reinstated Against Law Firm

Linden taxpayers have paid this law firm over a million dollars on a lawsuit arising out of a too-good-to-be-true-gone-very-very-bad landfill deal, known as Strategic Alliance Group, et al vs. City of Linden, et al., which has been in litigation since 2003. Last month, council authorized another $10,000 of taxpayer money to this firm, despite this troubling Report issued by the United States District Court.

See Ponzi scheme article here.

I'm starting to believe the practice of hiring outside law firms at basement bargain rates might also be a kind of Ponzi scheme no matter how hard the overseer tries to convince the City otherwise.


NFS said...

@ Theoretically ... who is to say these lawyers, including the one's on Linden's payroll, who ALL partake in this bullshit "We charge cheap rates so HIRE ME ME ME" aren't a part of the problem? They make me SICK with their own made-up theories that they save taxpayers money. Afterall, they ALL PLAY THE SAME SHELL GAME. Even if this was even remotely true, then why even contribute the huge amounts of money that they do to the politicians that hire them if they were so good? Who pays for that VIG? Makes my stomach churn even to look at any of their faces. Linden council members, and even the Mayor, need to wise up to this scam.

They think lawyers are professionals. LOFL!

Anonymous said...

They don't know that lawyers are basically dirty rotten scumbag lowlifes, especially the ones that donnate to political groups. They are the LOWEST OF THE LOW amd that includes Kologi, whose wife won a settlement against the very City he represents! If that ain't a joke, what is?