Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Assemblyman Can't Take a Joke

Assemblyman Jerry "Dumped His Dumps" Green has no sense of humor. 

From The Homes News Tribune:

"Green, who endorsed incumbent Second & Third Ward at-large Councilman Rashid Burney in the local race, said he woke up Wednesday morning to find a long row of more than 20 campaign signs sitting outside his Prospect Avenue home touting the candidacy of winner Rebecca Williams. Williams is a longtime campaign manager with the New Democrats political faction, a longtime opposing force against Green that has won a string of political victories here during the last two years."  See story here.

Green actually filed a police report over this.  In a City such as Plainfield, where shootings are not uncommon, it's hard to imagine he would want the police to focus any time or energy on this prank.

Green also had this to say:  "Green said he worried what the matter might do to the image of Plainfield and its local politics."  Ha Ha Ha Ha  ... Even funnier than the prank.  

If you really want a good laugh, take a drive down St. George Avenue in Linden and get a load of what Linden taxpayers got for the almost three-quarters of a million dollars paid to Green for his old dumpy building.   This campaign sign prank pales in comparison to the joke played on Linden overtaxed taxpayers.  You'll laugh your head off.

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