Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tina's Worst Moment Still Better Than Chairman's Best

Tina Renna's only mistake at the last Freeholder meeting was letting Freeholder Chairman Dan Sullivan ruffle her feathers.  It is clear that Sullivan's sole purpose was to push Tina's buttons by mulling over whether or not he should publicly read one of Tina's recent posts on her blog in which she dropped the F-bomb twice.  Otherwise, he would have read it, which he didn't. 

The post in question had to do with a glossy 4-page flier Union County residents received regarding a new First Alert Emergency Notification program the County has implemented.  That flier indicates the cost of the flier was paid for by a Federal Homeland Security grant.  Tina was furious and wrote about it in a post here.  She has since deleted the F-word from the post, probably as not to offend any of her other readers.  I suspect most would respond by saying "None taken Tina!". 

The day before or after receiving this glossy flier, residents also received Union County Directions a 20-page newsletter put out by the Union County Alliance, which is funded, in large part, by taxpayers.  This newsletter is pretty much entire fluff to promote  Union County democrats.  As you open the newsletter, page 3 is devoted entirely to Sullivan, including not one, but three pictures of the guy, and offers not one shred of useful information.  There are 4 more pictures of Sullivan scattered throughout the newsletter.  Way, way back on page 19, the newsletter finally gets around to promoting the First Alert Emergency Notification program.  How's that for putting the safety of the residents first? 

What the County did was waste tens of thousand of dollars to send out a glossy campaign-style flier, with yet another picture of Sullivan, when that very same information was already contained in the newsletter.  It's an outrageous waste of taxpayer money meant for homeland security.

That's offensive enough to drop the F-bomb.

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