Friday, May 21, 2010

A Man of His Word

Like he promised, the Governor vetoed the democrats' obsessive compulsive disorder to raise taxes again.  The democrats, on the other hand, broke their promise when they retroactively raised taxes on the wealthy in 2009, calling it a "temporary surcharge" only to resurrect it again now.  

The wealthy are not our enemies, nor are seniors, the disabled or the Governor, all of whom, IMO, the democrats are scapegoating to justify raising taxes.  Our enemy is a State that cannot control its wasteful spending habits, making life more difficult for ALL NJ taxpayers.   Everyone is tired of it.

From Assemblyman Cryan's own press release he says:

"Gov. Christie just made life more unaffordable for more than 600,000 senior and disabled citizens while awarding 16,000 millionaires with a tax cut.

The Governor did not give a "tax cut" to millionaires.  That is a flat-out lie by Cryan.  No wonder the Governor had this to say about Cryan:  "I long ago stopped caring about what Joe Cryan said about anything,"  

Another mastermind down in Trenton had this to say: 

"Instead of working together to find a better way, Gov. Christie has chosen to balance the budget on the backs of elderly residents struggling to make ends meet."

Who's buying this garbage they put out there?

The real blame belongs to those down in Trenton who have sat back for years and done nothing to fix this State.

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