Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Health Insurance Buyouts

Somedays I cringe when collecting my mail and today was no exception.

The Bunk for Mayor and Yamakaitis for Council President's latest campaign literature points a finger solely to Derek Armstead, who is also running for Mayor, for taking a health insurance buyout from the County.  Apparently the County offers $1,000 more than the City buyout.  What Mr. Armstead is doing is not illegal, but it should be and so should it be for everyone who already has a taxpayer funded insurance plan. 

Yet Bunk and Yamakaitis do not point out any other members of council who also get buyout payments and there are plenty, including Bunk himself.

I wrote about this back in December.

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Anonymous said...

Do as I do, but I'll criticize you? That's a new one.