Wednesday, April 28, 2010


A disturbing article appears on along with an audio recording. According to article, Linden 5th Ward Councilman, Gene Davis, is going to call his lawyer and then answer all questions.  Please do Mr. Davis.

According to my sources, the audio is authentic.  Beside the obvious ethical questions this tape raises, it's troublesome when these politicians actually believe their elected seats are their personal property. 

However, I don't believe this tape is proof that there was any sort of grandiose scheme as portrayed in the article nor do I believe that Council President/Mayoral Candidate Bunk was a part of it, nor anyone else.   I think Councilman Davis owns this one alone. 

Read and listen here


Frank said...

The thing about this whole situation is that the only news source reporting this is Jim Devine's. That's enough to make me wonder as to the validity of the tape. Devine is backing Armstead and has dug up Moore from the scrapheap to be his running mate. You would think a story like this would be 1st page news on NJ.Com wouldn't you?

NFS said...

It made the news today Frank and Davis admits it is him on the recording. Any ideas what should happen next to Mr. Davis?

Citizenswatch said...

Yes Davis admitts him and blames he was drinking.