Friday, March 19, 2010

Cherokee, DeCotiis Law Firm In The News Again

According to Bob Ingle, subpoenas have been issued to the NJ Legislature.  A notable excerpt from Bog Ingle's Blog:

"Cooper found that EnCap and its attorney, the Teaneck-based DeCotiis firm, misled the state about key elements of the project."

DeCotiis is the darling law firm of the Union County Improvement Authority and has been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars on projects that are complete failures in Linden.

Another Cherokee story emerged in November regarding a failed Elizabeth project.

Maybe it's me, but I'm beginning to see a pattern where economically depressed cities such as Linden, Elizabeth and Plainfield become the subject of government sponsored pie-in-the-sky projects, only to turn around and hurt the poorest taxpayers, while enriching the politically connected lawyers and such.  

Read Ingles' story here.

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Anonymous said...

Decotiis - Xanadu, too! Don't forget them!