Thursday, October 29, 2009

You Really Want to Keep This Mess Going?

I left the following comment on Assembly candidate's Bo Vastine blog. Might as well post it here too, slightly modified.

Can Assemblyman Jerry “Dumped his Dumps” Green, or any of his running mates, explain why Union County is the 10th top taxed County in the Nation?

Or why Union County decided to increase taxes for Linden homeowners by 13% this year?

Or why the State of NJ is paying Corzine’s ex, Goldman Sachs, nearly $1 million a month on bonds that have already been redeemed?

Or why NJ has the highest unemployment rate in the region?

Or why Corzine’s own cabinet was instructing other departments to “be creative” even if it was a stretch to try and come up with with an event or two or three that show job creation?

Or why the State Division of Investment bought Lehman stock and lost $118,000 million in pension assets?

Or why NJ has a projected deficit of $10 billion?

Or why Govenor Corzine and his running mate, Loretta Weinberg, were trying to scare women with fake "mammogram hysteria" ?



Plus two failed UCIA projects right in Linden, not to mention the ISP/Dupont mess where Sen. Lesniak’s client, the Morris Group, was named the redeveloper of property it didn’t even own.

Never mind the out and out corruption.

We have an incompetent, self-serving, anything goes form of government. What else could explain this mess of a State?

With the exception of the Surrogate, I'm supporting all the Column B Republican candidates. I think Jim LaCorte does a fine job as Surrogate.

The obvious choice for Govenor is Chris Christie and his running mate, Kim Guadagno.

For Assembly, Martin Marks and William "Bo" Vastine. I've posted both of their blog sites. Go read for yourself about these two candidates. If you really want a laugh, I've also posted Jerry Green's blog so be sure to read that one to for a "balanced" view. Time to retire Jerry Green and Linda Stender. They've both done ok for themselves, but not for overtaxed taxpayers. Let's give someone else a try.

Under no uncertain terms would I even think of voting for any incumbant freeholder, or the new guy running with them for reasons too numerous to list. Remember though that the freeholder jammed us up with a 13% county tax increase. Republicans Anthony Sytko and Nicole Cole would bring two sets of sorely needed eyes to that Board.

One contested council race in Linden in the 9th Ward. The incumbent, independent candidate Bob Frazier has done a good job. The Linden Democrat Chair, Chris Hudak, has expressed a concern for getting that seat back into the hands of a democrat. That's a horrid thought.

A little more attention to the landfill and the excessive overtime is in order. Former Mayor Paul Werkmesiter has suggested an independent audit of our City government. Council should really get that going. Again, why all the attorneys on staff? Cut that by at least one. Council should also petition the Public Advocate to undertake an audit of the Union County Improvement Authority. That should be a priority.

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Anonymous said...

Corzine also told the people of NJ to hold him accountable, yet all he does is either talk about Bush or President Obama. Being associated with corrupt NJ won't help the President's approval rating. That's for sure.