Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yes, Union County is Still Part of America

Our good friends at The County Watchers have made available the video of the meeting where a statement of apology was read. It's hard to imagine, in this great country we live in, in this day and age, that people must still fight for their First Amendment rights, but sadly it's true. View meeting here. While it was Freeholder Dan Sullivan who attempted to override the First Amendment, he offered no apology.

It was nice to see the many residents who came out to lend their support to Tina Renna, including Linden resident, Mike Stevenson. At a recent Linden Council meeting, former Mayor Paul Werkmeister suggested our council appoint someone to attend Freeholder meetings. I don't think the former Mayor's suggestion was acted upon in spite of the County imposing 13% tax increase on Linden taxpayers and it's not hard to figure out why some Linden officials would be reluctant to question anything the County does with overtaxed taxpayers' money.

You may have recently received a copy of the Union County Directions which is filled with useless information and, in my opinion, exists to grandstand for the freeholders. The publication, for the most part, is funded with taxpayer money. The County Watchers does the taxpayers tremendous service and is invaluable. Their website is in a class by itself and they bring this service to us for FREE.


Anonymous said...

its amazing that u folks never write down what the "grevious" infraction was.. the fhs, under advise of county counsel, cautioned speakers to refrain from talking about the fh's families as they were NOT public figures. this, according to the aclu, was an infraction and an apology was issued for THAT infraction. not for tossing the nasty ms. renna from the meeting.

NFS said...

Ever think about getting new county counsel? It's obvious to even a non-lawyer that to say a speaker cannot mention relatives of freeholders who are employed by the County because they are not public figures was and is absurd. No where do I say that the apology was issued for tossing the Ms. Renna out of the meeting.

Nastiness is in the eye of the beholder.