Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Kid Says No to Corzine's Call on Citizens to Move

My daughter recently got notice that the company she works at is leaving NJ. Unlike the Governor's call for citizens to move to North Dakota, his half-cocked idea is not an option for her. She has the nerve to want to remain in the State where she was born and raised, near her family and friends. I guess this makes her an unpatriotic New Jerseyan in Corzine's view.

Like the many unfortunate New Jerseyans who have lost their jobs, she's no quitter & she is not ready to pack her bags just yet. There is hope. It's called November. If Corzine should be re-elected, then we'll revisit Corzine's call on NJ citizens to leave this once great State. Many of us won't have a choice.


Anonymous said...

corzine may be onto something. if enough unemployed people leave NJ then the cost of servicing them via the government human resources departments can be reduced. Therefore, state and county gov can be reduced. (in m y dreams). As an aside, i juct checked out ed kologi and his tenure in the PERS. He is closiing on 25 years service for linden. at the same time, he as given a $47,000 bump in salary at the UC ed services div. Oddly enough this was 2.5 years ago. Once he hits 25 years and can retire the three highest years of salary will be based on at least $147,000/year. This obvious double dipping bumped his retirement pension at least another $25,000 year which the taxpayers have only funded minimal. So now we are on the handle for having to fund all that extra immediate pension. I have to congratulate Kologi on embracing the corruption and getting his share by enabling it. A real pig swilling azzhole he is for doing that.

NFS said...

Full time benefits for part time work. I'd like to know if these attorneys who swill public benefits offer the same benefits in their private practices. Of course they don't. No private business could afford to do what goes on in this State.

BTW, Senator Codey's brother was given a great pension padding via the Union County taxpayers. I think Union County Prosecutor Ted Romankow was also done a solid.

Nothing new and nothing will be done to stop it. The best we can do is hope NJ goes bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Kologi, isn't it rather something that his wife is suing the City. If Kologi represents the City and the City was doing something "illegal" to cause this lawsuit, why didn't Kologi advise the City? Isn't it Kologi's duty, as its attorney, to protect the City to the best of his ability from lawsuits?

I'd like to see the City get rid of all the politically connected lawyers, which would mean all of them.

For instance, who advised council that it would be a fine idea to name the Morris Group as the developer of private property that neither the City nor the UCIA owned? Who wanted this done and why? Hard to wear two hats, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

They are all a JOKE. From our so-called elected officals to those doing their dirty deeds.

Anonymous said... 2009.pdf

Anonymous said...

NFS said...

Only in NJ would you have a title company, whose records have been subpoened, sponsor a dinner for a Judge. Tacky, no?

At first glance, I thought the bocce shindig was a fundraiser for the cog.