Monday, August 24, 2009

Fake Hysteria Leaves No Energy For the Real Stuff

With all the many thing that have gone wrong in this State, if only the same elected officials would exercise even a tenth of the same energy they devote to vilifying Christie over a harmless loan, maybe the overtaxed taxpayers' suffering can end some day.

As Chris Christie rightly points out, it's a fake hysteria. Meanwhile, legitimate issues go unattended such as questionable losses of millions of dollars of severely underfunded State pension funds to the scandal-ridden Encap project to name only two.

State Dem Chair/Assemblyman/Union County Undersheriff Cryan wasted no time filing a complaint against Christie despite Cryan having to file his own amended disclosure over gifts Cryan took from a lobbyist. Records from a title agency that Cryan had an interest in were subpoened by the State A.G. some two years ago. Why not request the same type of records from the State. A.G.'s office as the Corzine campaign is requesting from the U.S. attorney's office? Apparently, the Corzine campaign thinks there was some hanky panky going on in the U.S. Attorney's office. I don't see how there could be since the U.S. attorney was so busy busting corrupt politicians while the State A.G. is oblivious to the widespread problem. How could the State A.G. miss it all? Let's get the State A.G.'s records as well.

Christie didn't steal taxpayers' money, but those who have are called "good guys" by our elected officials, some even pleading for leniency for their thieving colleagues. Our elected officials, including the Govenor, have failed and continue to fail the taxpayers in many ways.

Only in the Sorpano State would elected officials embrace corrupt politicians and vilify the guy who gets rid of them.


just ed said...

Gort 42 check it out

NFS said...

It's a shame ... waste more taxpayer money to convict these already self-professed guilty snakes. But no matter to the taxpayer .... for these guys the only thing that counts is their own wormy world ... much like many NJ elected officials. Skeeves.

Anonymous said...

had stakes in the UCIA. you mean camelot dont mix up the feds ed

NFS said...

Thanks ed. Of course ... the two had interests in Camelot is what I meant to say.