Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cronyism vs. Boytoyism


"(Milgram is) choosing her personal friends for this position and not even considering New Jersey lawyers. It's worse than patronage. She's practicing cronyism. Either he's a Brooklyn resident and his resume is inaccurate or he has cars registered in Brooklyn and he doesn't live there." -- State Sen. Raymond Lesniak (D-Elizabeth), on Attorney General Anne Milgram's nomination of Chinh Le as Director of the state Division on Civil Rigthts.

Too bad Lesniak reserves his outrage for his lawyer friends. Even more outrageous, did Senator Lesniak display any concern or public outrage at McGreevey's wholly unqualfied and more than questionabe pick of Golan Cipal as NJ's HEAD of homeland security. Where was Lesniak's outrage then? Not a G-D damn word from Lesniak.

Meanwhile, Union County residents are STUCK with his NEPHEW as County Manager. We are STUCK with his FRIEND as Executive Director of the Union County Improvement Authority and other hacks just too numerous to mention. Just those two appointments alone cost Union County taxpayers millions of dollars in waste, corruption, pay-to-play and straight-up incompetence.

For the most part democrats, who may be part of the corrupt party machine, should be on their knees thanking Milgram for basically doing nothing. What's up with this feigned outrage?


just ed said...

His friend I thought he didnt like flowers LoL

melinden said...

Cry,Ray,cry.Occasionaly,what goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Dozens of arrests today across the State, including Mayor of Hoboken according to news reports.

I think the NJ Democratic Party is practically finished.