Tuesday, July 7, 2009

F@#!$@%#! Greenwald

According to a 101.5 Report by Kevin McArdle, Assembly Budget Committee chairman Lou Greenwald predicts a slow economic recovery. He also thinks a quick fix would be bad and a slow and steady rebound is good. Greenwald feels we all have lessons to learn from this global recession.

Greenwald also said: "If it is solved too quickly people believe the pain was not real and I think will be very easy for elected officials to fall into old habits and bad habits. We need the true reform."

What has NJ done to reform itself?? Not one F#%$# thing, except put off the bills for another day. NJ was in trouble long before the recession. Our elected officials haven’t learned one f#%@&* thing and Greenwald’s remarks are, as usual, insulting and derogatory towards the taxpayers.

NJ elected officials absolutely need to act quickly and not make such absurd comments as this, which I suspect is not only due to extreme stupidity, but to excuse their ineffective, incompetent and sometimes corrupt roles in our government.

It’s no f#%4@& wonder Greenwald is referred to as the "Empty Suit". His story can be found in The Soprano State beginning on page 89 in the hardcover edition.

Read about the Empty Suit/Head here:


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