Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who Cares What Joe Cryan Thinks, Assemblyman/Undersheriff/State Democrat Chair, Joe Cryan, offered his opinion on the debate between GOP candidates Lonegan & Christie. Cryan, a double dipping politician, claims both Lonegan & Christie offer bad ideas. Either Cryan watched a different debate or is simply too half-witted to recognize a good idea. Cryan's response is also typical of the Democrats' refusal to consider any suggestions or ideas from any member of the Republican party and that behavior suggests that the over-taxed taxpayers take a back seat to partisan politics, even during the current State financial crisis.

Listen to some good ideas & debate here:

What is soberly clear is that the one-party, anything goes mentality of the Democrat party has crippled this State to the point where taxpayers' moneys have been spent so wrecklessly that the State, desperate for more money, is looking to illegally borrow some 2 Billion Dollars just to close this years budget gap.

Here in Union County, and particularly in Linden, the entrenched Democrat party has been especially cruel on the taxpayers. Linden will see the highest county tax increase, despite being screwed over, in spades, by the mismangement of the Union County Improvement Authority, which is led by the County Dem. Chair, Charlotte DeFillipo. DeFillipo answers to no one according to Freeloader Dan Sullivan, thereby allowing DeFillipo to run this multi-million dollar agency is a laissez-faire manner. Afterall, she is a political boss so who's going to be nutty enough to question her? Linden's Neighborhood Presevation Program was run in a similar laissez-faire manner by Frank Rose. While Frank Rose is no political boss, he was "Sopranoed up". When finally questioned as to his working hours by Linden's then newly elected independent Mayor, Rose threatened to sue the City for harrassment. Two machine-back Democrats actually came to the defense of Rose. Rose is currently awaiting sentencing on federal corruption charges. This is one example of what happens when there is no oversight, total party control and total party loyalty.

Corzine and the democrats use key phrases such as "our most vulnerable", "core values" and a bunch of other horseshit. They have only one thing on their mush-for-brains and it's not children, seniors or anyone else but their own taxpayer-funded gravy trains for friends and family. You and your family are the least of their worries.


just ed said...

DeFillipo answers to no one I will bet she will

NFS said...

By establishing a legal defense fund, it looks like she is expecting the worst. Who the hell would contribute to it?

Another blog site is questioning the sweetheart deal Assembyman Jerry "Dumped his Dumps" received from Charlotte at Linden taxpayer expense for another FAILED project.

That blogsite is here:

just ed said...

As we have been hearing in luzerne county this is only the tip of the iceburg there might be enought to sink them all like i say f them

Anonymous said...

good job NFS, you tell it like it is here in Linden