Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Is Codey Full of It?

Senator Codey introduced a bill yesterday (S2796) to ban the NJ’s attorney general, first assistant attorney general and county prosecutors from running for office for two years after leaving their positions or from holding a position within any political party or club while in those positions. The bill makes no mention of banning municipal prosecutors from the same activities. Ironically, Codey’s co-sponsor is Sentator Nicholas Scutari, who is not only a senator, but a prosecutor for the City of Linden as well.

Codey claims it is something he has felt strongly about for MANY years. If that’s true, why didn’t Codey draft this bill years ago? A cursory review of bills sponsored by Codey, some of which are laugh out loud funny, reveals the Senator's "billworthy" preferences.

● S401-Designates “I’m from New Jersey” as the State song

● S748 - Requires driver distraction to be noted in traffic accidents

● S2381 - Permits electors of president and vice president to meet in State building within State House Complex or War Memorial in Trenton

● SCR80 - Recognizes and honors contributions and achievements of Thomas Paine

● S2503 - Establishes the position of Ethics Counsel and mandates certain ethics consultation and training in the Legislative Branch of Government

While Codey & Scutari's bill would not ban a federal prosecutor from running for office, the timing of Codey’s bill could be seen as a maneuver to cast suspicion or doubt on the current GOP candidate Christie. If there is a widespread "selective prosecution" problem in Jersey, why has this issue been kept so quiet for all the years Codey had concern? I don't buy it.

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