Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another "Sad" Day for Dems

Ex-Mayor/Assemblyman Joe Vas (D) was indicted today by the U.S. Attorney's Office for alot more than the measly $5,000 the State A.G. says he stole. The thievery involved funds meant to help the poor, or as our Governor would say, the "most vulnerable".

The out-of-control corruption, not to mention the waste and incompetence, reaches new levels in this State with each passing day. It's not only the poor who are vulnerable, it's the taxpayers who hand over their hand-earned money to a corrupt government without any choice.

Vas had many aiders and abettors as the indictment indicates. Lock them all up too and bring back the perp walk. Ethics reform is the biggest joke going.

Indictment here:


just ed said...

I love it when the feds have the answers and you lie to them i could just picture my guys with there fingers up their ass

NFS said...

Obviously this Vas guy isn't too bright, probably one of the reasons why he got into politics. Where else can you make $150G a year and be that DUMB?