Thursday, August 28, 2008

Here We Go Again ~ Another Lawsuit

Another lawsuit has been filed against the City and the UCIA (see link below). The Mayor is quoted as being "shocked" that the Linwood would take such action. I'm not. Who'd trust the UCIA, especially after its Executive Director, Charlotte DeFillipo, admitted to being a bully? You either do the bulling or get bullied according to the Cog. From where I'm standing, those aren't exactly comfort words and I bet the folks over at the Linwood aren't charmed by them either.

Let's hope this isn't going to turn into another long, drawn out eminent domain case. The Redevelopment Plan can simply be amended to remove the Linwood from the Plan. Surely this can be accomplished before the lawyers start making taxpayer funded entries on their timesheets?

As this project has dragged on for some EIGHT years, the lawyers' bills mount, construction costs have risen, and while interest rates remain low, mortgage lenders have made obtaining a loan more difficult. For the sake of the Linden taxpayers, I hope this project can one day be successfully completed. However, I think it will take a true professional to accomplish that goal.

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